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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1221 – Golden Gun cheese bewildered
The garments had been naturally not the jog-of-the-mill outfits, but a higher-technology fight consistent. This deal with standard was typically employed for normal members of the military. It had been basically pointless for humans at Zhou Wen’s degree.
The Precious metal Guards that rushed out from the six entrance doors emerged influx right after wave. Zhou Wen slashed out and larger swaths of Steel Guards ended up destroyed. The tinkling sounds of dimensional crystals losing could possibly be observed.
Pace: 71
Now, the Golden Challenge G.o.d Mark III dropped one more dimensional crystal, permitting Zhou Wen’s four statistics to actually arrive at 81 factors, but there was no signs of him evolving to your Terror level.
Translator: CKtalon
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Translator: CKtalon
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Zhou Wen tried to summon it by means of a submachine pistol. The Metal Shield transformed into a vivid sterling silver submachine rifle which was just like the ones in his opponents’ arms.
Even so, the Aluminum Guard’s injuries promptly recovered. The aluminum bullets have been completely ineffective against him.
Metallic Defend: Mythical
Everyday life Providence: Stainless steel Daily life
Quite as Zhou Wen was questioning how he could enter in, an alarm sounded above among the doorways.
Zhou Wen decided on it and found that it turned out an 89-Pace Crystal. He hurriedly chosen it and absorbed it.
The Sleeper Awakes
Translator: CKtalon
Life Heart and soul: Metallic Armour
Fortunately, the third Glowing Battle G.o.d rapidly came out. These Wonderful Conflict G.o.ds searched identical. They couldn’t hint Zhou Wen in anyway prior to being killed.
The Gold Battle G.o.d here acquired highly effective offensive strength and very powerful shield. Its velocity wasn’t slower often. It was subsequently regarded an extremely powerful Terror-grade dimensional being.
Durability: 97
Sadly, almost nothing decreased this period, causing Zhou Wen somewhat disappointed.
Another Glowing Fight G.o.d didn’t last prior to being slain under Zhou Wen’s blade.
Basis Electricity: 98
Power: 97
Lifestyle Providence: Aluminum Everyday life
Zhou Wen noticed that Gu Dian wasn’t the type of person would you treat garments, so he scanned the fight consistent and rapidly located a hidden storage device during the 1st-help system that was included with it.
Living Heart and soul: Stainless steel Armor
Peter the Brazen
Sadly, practically nothing fallen this point, leaving Zhou Wen somewhat disappointed.
Right after popping out, he commenced firing at the blood stream-tinted avatar crazily. Bullets with great beams rained upon the blood-shaded avatar.
Thank goodness, the next Gold Struggle G.o.d speedily showed up. These Fantastic Conflict G.o.ds checked comparable. They couldn’t impression Zhou Wen by any means before being destroyed.
He pulled the cause with the Aluminum Safeguard which had been rus.h.i.+ng more than. Flames spewed out, and underneath the regular recoil, bullets taken out one immediately after another, hitting a Metal Defend, riddling his physique with pockets and changing him into a hornet’s home.
The Friend Egg cell was developed of precious metal. It was subsequently burning up with gold flames and then there ended up magma-like crevices that lined the top of the Friend Egg cell. It appeared extremely great.
Zhou Wen was excited because he hurriedly found the Friend Ovum and made a decision to hatch it.
However, the Precious metal Guard’s traumas easily retrieved. The stainless steel bullets were completely worthless against him.
Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained
Before Zhou Wen could behave, an opening within the our blood-colored avatar’s travel blasted open up. Its go exploded and also the mobile phone computer screen journeyed dark-colored.
‘Killed Terror-level being, Wonderful Fight G.o.d Level II.’
Quickness: 71

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